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Diego Pietralunga
[Newbie] Signal bugs how-to (Web Content Display dirty save)
7 agosto 2009 8.55

Diego Pietralunga

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Hello guys!

I'm Diego, wannabe Liferay solution developer from Italy ,-)

I'm investigating Liferay since a couple of weeks for a deployment in some regional government administrations.
So far, I'm learning the "hard way" and I'd like to land my decision on liferay portal for my projectseven if I'm having some developing frustrations so far :-(... anyway... I was wondering how to (correctly) signal bugs to LR team.
I saw there's a JIRA issue tracker.
I signed up for an account (saw no restrictions)
I don't want to double signal bugs, so I tried to search forums and JIRA for this minor bug (which I'll describe shortly) but didn't find anything, i think... It depends on the keywords, obviously...
So, basing on this "use case" can somebody point me to any best practice to submit issues, so that I'll be able to better search for previous entries?

Note: I'm working on LR Standard TRUNK (so I know it's fast-changing and "less" test by users)

Web Content Edit Portlet issue, on rev 35488 (5.3.0)

Using WCD (ex Journal Portlet), I'm having a string like this "]]>" (no quotes) appended to the text on save.
I don't input those chars.
Guess it's a dirty comment on a JS function.
I updated from trunk some times in the past 2 days but couldn't see this one signalled, so here I am.

The portlet is behaving correctly using "SAVE" button, but crashes randomly using combinations of "SAVE AND APPROVE" &"SAVE AND CONTINUE". Does not save data.

I suppose it's just cosmetics, but it has some functional effects.


My Setup:

Windows XP SP3
Eclipse Ganymede JEE Edition(3.4?)
Apache Tomcat 6.0.20



P.S.= Attaching ScreenShot!

Allegati: LR-WCE-dirtysave.JPG (130,8k)
Wilson Man
RE: [Newbie] Signal bugs how-to (Web Content Display dirty save)
7 agosto 2009 14.38

Wilson Man


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i would say do a search on the "Public - Liferay Portal Standard" project in JIRA ( If you don't find it, i would say it's okay to create a new bug. If happens to be a duplicate, someone will close it and link it to the duplicate.

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