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Piet Pompies
Creating a SQL Server Connection Pool for Portlet
26 settembre 2013 0.49

Piet Pompies

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I'm struggling to create a connection pool for a portlet I wrote to connect to a SQL Server database. Worth mentioning that I have the Tomcat bundled installation of Liferay. If I could just a nice clear layout of instructions to do this I would really appreciate it. With the glassfish bundle it was quite painless especially since Glassfish has an admin console.

Basically what I have is the IP address and name of the database, the username and password, and the JDBC driver (which I don't know where to put either). Thanks in advance for any help!
David H Nebinger
RE: Creating a SQL Server Connection Pool for Portlet
26 settembre 2013 20.09

David H Nebinger

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sounds like you're managing outside of SB/Liferay?

Anyway you could do it as a JNDI resource, you'd define in conf/server.xml and conf/context.xml and jars would go into the lib or lib/ext directory.

Or you could manage in your code as you would a connection pool for any servlet.

If you're using this within Service Builder, you just define the DB connection in spring-ext.xml in your SB portlet.