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Pushpinder Singh
Extending PortletResponseImpl(to fix bug) - Should use extension or hook
12 giugno 2013 14.19

Pushpinder Singh

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liferay-versions=6.1.1 & 6.1.20

Hi All,
I have to extend PortletResponseImpl (to fix bug in Liferay).
Right now I am using Liferay extension environment to achieve this.

I wonder whether Hooks are recommended way is to achieve this? If so how to achieve it using hook.

Note: Bug can be created by selecting different link page (Look and Feel/Link Portlet URLs to Page) for an asset publisher portlet. Now selecting any asset on this asset publisher should be shown as selected asset in default asset publisher in Linked page instead of all assets.

Will appreciate any advise/hint or links.

Have nice day.