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Gurumurthy Godlaveeti
Will it be possible to make SSO for payment gateway websites?
12 giugno 2013 8.47

Gurumurthy Godlaveeti

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Hello Liferay Guys,

I have couple of websites ( these websites involved in payment gateway process also). We made SSO for this websites also through CAS.

For example,
Website domains are :,,
CAS URL is :

Now i wish to sign in from & i am able too also. But while taking the help from third party tool for payment gateway then these third party tool guys want entire website with same domain name even for CAS url ( also.

So I need to know how to provide the SSO for payment gateway websites even by using some other modules such as CAS?

Liferay version is 6.0.6.

Give me third party providers info if u have.......!

Suggestions are welcome................................!

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