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Oriol Mesia
Redefining Liferay Users
12 giugno 2013 7.24

Oriol Mesia

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Hi I'm looking about how I can redefine the definition of Users in Liferay.

I want to add more attributes to them. For example: Department, Company, DNI,etc...

I was looking to the custom fields, but I want a redefinition of the code. I really need to create a hook for defining new parameters for users?

I also tried to add:


In, but when I create a new user I didn't find the possibility to fill this attributes.

How exactly I can do that?

Thank you so much,
Rahul Pande
RE: Redefining Liferay Users
14 giugno 2013 1.01

Rahul Pande

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Hi Oriol,

These properties are used to show or hide the sections in user form while adding. If you want to add new properties for user then you can create custom attributes for User.
If you want to add these custom field section in user creation form then add following property in file.


In this way miscellaneous section will be included as part of the user form when adding a user. There you can see your custom attributes.


Rahul Pande