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James charley
Use of property
11 giugno 2013 23.13

James charley

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I am using liferay version 6.1 and tried logging in with admin user.

I tried setting property while doing some experiment.

It seems it is redirecting to this page http://localhost:8080/c/portal/layout?p_l_id=0 and I am getting connection error and all subsequent request fails.

I was assuming atleast it should give sites public page instead. I am newbie and didn't find detailed explanation of this. Please suggest how this property works.
Jan Gregor
RE: Use of property
12 giugno 2013 6.52

Jan Gregor

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Hi James,

This property should be saved to false by defaul. Setting the property to true should redirect you to your last visited page before your last logou. You can also set the default landing page for all users after login in control panel - portal setttings.


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