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Jack Bakker
prod/staging/dev and dev/staging/prod
8 giugno 2013 12.45

Jack Bakker

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there is prod, staging, then multiple dev

from down-up, there is 'stuff' that goes from dev into staging, and then into prod ; for me and many now involving git

from up-down, there is periodic copy from prod to staging and dev ; be cool if that could be git based too using binaries snapshots for up-down collection

down-up and up-down needs to be coordinated amongst people with consensus eyes on it with eye on automating and versioning

down-up is more atomic and diversified, at least from dev to staging ; up-down however might be along the lines of 'hey all, we are at a collective milestone now all considered and time to refresh staging and dev enviros)

this is not really clustering which is more just for 'prod'

I use dual db pattern (say lportal and bizdb) where when opp there for up-down by consensus, I copy from prod to staging and to dev, but not just db, but also data folder, and even other data as needed

starting this thread to probe ideas on the up-down and down-up to make each more efficient

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