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James Falkner
Community Verifier Prizes!
21 maggio 2013 15.22

James Falkner

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Hey all,

Thanks a MILLION to ALL of those who participated in the recent CV contest to verify the mountain of bugs - we went from 480 to 121 unverified bugs during the contest! This is so close to 75% that I think you've all earned it. You can see the final results in the attached image, or visit the CV page.

So, I think it's time to close the current CV contest and hand out prizes! Each of you will get:

- A tee shirt (if no one else comes up with a good design that we all like, we'll go with a generic community tee shirt, unless you really like my design).
- High quality vinyl laptop stickers!
- A paper certificate depicting your accomplishment that can be proudly displayed at work and on their social profiles around the web
- Recognition on the IRC Topic for the official #liferay chat room for 30 days, starting today
- A free pass to an upcoming Liferay conference of your choice (within the next year), or a free seat at a Liferay training course (subject to availability, and doesn't include travel/lodging/meals). And you can't take "Advanced Developer" if you haven't taken "Developer" emoticon

For all of this please email me your name (as you want it to appear on the certificate) and your full mailing address. Email that to and we'll get you set up!

And again, thanks to all of you for all your hard work (especially Aniceto, who singlehandedly did 54% of the work - kudos to Aniceto and to all of you for pitching in!). This is how open source communities are supposed to work, and the fruits of your labor will undoubtedly be seen in the higher quality of the next releases, because our QA team doesn't have to deal with the noise of those bugs that were verified as fixed/closed/not-a-bug.

I will also be updating the hall of fame wiki to include your names (if you wish), such that they appear in the next releases' README files for all time. Woo!!!

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