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Mason Stein
Help me understand connection >user group - personal page<
11 maggio 2013 13.08

Mason Stein

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Hey all,

this one is driving me crazy...
It looks so easy in the documentation, but I can´t get it to work.

Let´s say I want to have two user groups:
1) My Users
2) My Admins

Each group has its own public page.

Now how can I create a page template (private, public) for the users that are in each group?

A page template for the private pages for all "My Users"
A page template for the private pages for all "My Admins".

Everytime I create a new user and add him to one group, he still has the default liferay private and public page.

I thought I can create a page template and add or remove portlets and sites... and all users connected to that
template via their group will see the updated views...

Paul Robinson
RE: Help me understand connection >user group - personal page<
13 maggio 2013 21.37

Paul Robinson

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When you create the user in Liferay the user will get default layouts for both pubic and private pages, you can control this behaviour in your portal configuration.

In 6.1 there is a new setting for user group propagation, previous versions of Liferay did things differently so I assume you're on the latest version.


And the section on User Group Sites details how this works. Essentially, you will need to set the property


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