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James Falkner
JIRA and Git Announcement
10 maggio 2013 12.59

James Falkner

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Hey all,

You may have seen, but recently we have added two really awesome features in the community:

1. JIRA was upgraded! We are now running the latest JIRA production release (5.2.11) on with awesome new features like:

In-line Edits for Issue Fields
Inline editing works for all types of JIRA fields, even with fields that come from plugins; all inline edits, comments, issue operations and transitions now happen without page reloads. Typing “,” will allow you to quickly pick any field to edit without using your mouse.

Rapid Ticket Creation and Edits
Creating and editing is now performed in a dialog box (rather than a separate form), so that you do not need to leave the current page or have it reload just to start creating or editing an issue or sub-task.

You can customize fields on the Create Issue/Edit Issue dialog boxes by removing or adding fields through the Configure Fields button. JIRA remembers your last set of field choices, giving you a personally customized dialog box that presents you with your most commonly used fields whenever you create or edit an issue.

Search Functions
No time to learn JQL? No problem! The new simple search drop downs enables everyone to filter like a pro. What to see what the JQL looks like after utilizing simple search functions? Hit “Switch to Advanced” to see the JQL used. Save the filter anytime and see what you wish to see on the fly.

Share Issues Quickly with Users
Need to send someone a quick note about a ticket? Click on the Share button (next to Views).

2. Git and JIRA have been linked (see here for an example). This means that when you run into a bug, and search for it on, you can quickly figure out how the bug was fixed (if it was), and apply that to your copy of the source code (if you wish), or just learn more about the area of the code in which the bug lies. It will really help those of us on the bleeding edge (read: master/trunk).

So give it a go! And be on the lookout for the next milestone build - as always, the community will play a crucial role in the upcoming release. So stay tuned!

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