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Clark D Matthews
Navigation Recursive Depth Liferay Menu
23 aprile 2013 12.31

Clark D Matthews

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I spent some time looking for a solution and found a lot of things that were close, The best starting point I could find was something Chris Whittle made available here, ....

From that I was able to make something that seems light and usable.

I tested out to 4 levels deep and it seemed fine, may work out further, attaching all the code as files to simplify, this was done in an Liferay 5.2.3 since that is the version my client was using. The recursion depth is given a unique style attribute in order to allow for greater style possibilities based on depth.

Hope this helps out anyone else trying to get this implemented.


Allegati: custom.css (7,5k), javascript.js (0,2k), navigation.css (6,4k), navigation.vm (1,7k)

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