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Piña Kanpokaldean
How to set context attributes for tomcat from portlet WAR
30 marzo 2013 13.57

Piña Kanpokaldean

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I was struggling while trying to define some context attributes for tomcat. I know I need to create a context.xml file on the meta-inf folder of the portlet, as the liferay IDE doesn't pre-generate anything there. However, I don't seem to figure out what to put in it, everywhere I look they appear to consider it a given. The best I found is:

1<Context antiJARLocking="false" antiResourceLocking="false" />

but when I deployed the WAR file I didn't see the expected change. Is there something I'm missing?

BTW, all this is in an attempt to fix the getRealPath issue with tomcat 7, where getRealPath returns me a temporary directory instead of the actual one.

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