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Salman Jamali
PACL Failing - Invocation of $portal.getClass().forName(..) in velocity
23 febbraio 2013 7.48

Salman Jamali

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Hi All,

So this time I am overriding our theme plugin's navigation items ($nav_items) and in the process following is required to work but it's failing:

#set ($portalBeanLocator = $portal.getClass().forName('com.liferay.portal.kernel.bean.PortalBeanLocatorUtil'))
#set ($veloengine = $portalBeanLocator.locate('com.liferay.portal.kernel.velocity.VelocityEngineUtil'))

This only happens after enabling the security manager. No errors, exceptions, etc. just the $portalBeanLocator is not being set. I do have the following:


Please enlighten me, thanks emoticon