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Aieie Brazorf
Primefaces portlet CPU use
30 gennaio 2013 6.54

Aieie Brazorf

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Hi all,
i've got a technical question about liferay bridge and in general primefaces portlet use in liferay.
My question is that: it's normal that after processing some actions like opening different dialogs (with many lists of elements), my browser slows down heavily, and reaches 25% of CPU use?
Because of that, it's impossible for me to open another portlet in the same browser, and if i try, i have to wait many sceconds after processing any actions..
Anyone has a solution for me?

Neil Griffin
RE: Primefaces portlet CPU use
30 gennaio 2013 7.06

Neil Griffin


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I would recommend that you do some profiling on the client side. Perhaps this post might help:

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