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Aritz Galdos
Extend Liferay service and expose via REST / JSON
2 gennaio 2013 7.55

Aritz Galdos

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Hi community,

I am accesing Liferay data from an external system via JSON/REST. The services consist in both custom and built-in services of Liferay. I have no problem with custom services as I can add or modify the methods whenever I need.

But I would like to extend UserService with a new method and expose it via JSON service too.

I Implemented a Hook to override a Portal Service and deploed it to Liferay server, but the new method does not seem to be exposed via REST

Did anyone override + expose Liferay own services?

Jelmer Kuperus
RE: Extend Liferay service and expose via REST / JSON
2 gennaio 2013 8.52

Jelmer Kuperus

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Service hooks only let you change the implementation of existing service methods.

You should probably create your own service that calls the userservice

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