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Ashwani Kumar
selecting image form "Doc. and media" on custom portlet.!!!
1 gennaio 2013 22.23

Ashwani Kumar

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Hi All,

In my Cutom Portet...I am having a Browse button for selecting a file(that could be images), my requirement is, Once i click on Browse should allow me to select the images from the "Document and Library" of Liferray.

Similary , How i can store the path of selected image in my custom table. Pls give the list of APIs that i can use for my requirements.

Thanks in advance.

Bart Simpson
RE: selecting image form "Doc. and media" on custom portlet.!!!
2 gennaio 2013 5.57

Bart Simpson

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You could begin by trying to integrate the Documents and Media display portlet. using the runtime tag
1<runtime-portlet name="..."/>
. Then hook the jsp of Documents and Media display portlet to filter and return the url of selected image.