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amani kh
how to use nested portlet ?
3 dicembre 2012 23.35

amani kh

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I`m using liferay 6.1.0 and the nested portlet doesn't work rightly. When I put several portlets inside a nested portlet, and I select another page, the previous page come back to the init state without portlets inside.
why is that? and how can I use nested portlet properly?
Jaynil A Bagdai
RE: how to use nested portlet ?
4 dicembre 2012 4.37

Jaynil A Bagdai

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Hi Amani,
Nested portlet of liferay is not persisting state of previous selection.

However if you want to implement portlet within a portlet (nested portlet) you can follow this link and it will help you.

Portlet within portlet