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Philipp Tresp
Tags and Templates in a workflow engine like Kaleo or Activiti
10 ottobre 2012 2.42

Philipp Tresp

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Hello everyone,

ich have a question about tags and templates in Kaleo / Activiti and Liferay.
I want to create a documentpool with many different documents in Liferay. The documents should get some tags to make the workflowprocess start. When a word like SAP or Java is found in the Documents, the process start and the document with that tag should go to a User Task. The User should read the document and add some informations in a template like pro and cons or something. After that he approve or deny the document.

Can i realise tags and templates with kaleo / activiti to use it in Liferay?
Does someone have some more informations about that topic?

I appreciate any information from you, thanks a lot!

Best ragards, Philipp
Renata Siega
RE: Tags and Templates in a workflow engine like Kaleo or Activiti
13 maggio 2013 15.21

Renata Siega

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have you found the solution?

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