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Blake Jones
Social Office 2.0 mediawiki wysiwyg editor
1 ottobre 2012 14.23

Blake Jones

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Any Ideas of when there will be a working mediawiki wysiwyg editor for Social Office 2.0 ?

I noticed in liferay 6.0 CE there was a "what you see is what you get editor" for mediawiki.

However in the newest version Liferay 6.1.1 CE with Social Office 2.0, I did not see a "wysiwyg editor" for mediawiki.

My Company is really looking forward any news or updates on this.

Thank You,


James Falkner
RE: Social Office 2.0 mediawiki wysiwyg editor
4 ottobre 2012 3.35

James Falkner

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I believe MediaWiki syntax support was added in 6.1, but the CKEditor included in Liferay doesn't support wysiwyg editing of it, so you can only write in MediaWiki syntax. It seems though from this discussion it is possible to configure CKEditor to support it, but it would require a fair amount of integration work. Can you file an improvement request at ?

If it doesn't work in 6.1, it won't work in Social Office 2.0 (which is built on 6.1).

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