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David Trzcinski
File Locking
16 settembre 2012 16.58

David Trzcinski

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Are there any plans to implement file locking using the Sync connector ?

As in, when someone running the Sync connector edits a file locally, it locks the file on the repository ensuring that there are not duplicate or simultaneous edits occurring between multiple users.

We run mainly OSX user systems, and the Sync Connector is what drew us towards LifeRay away from Alfresco, but without file locking in the sync connector we may as well stay with Alfresco as the Alfresco Share "edit this file offline" workflow is more intuitive for our users than "check the file out, download the file, open the file, make your changes, save the file locally, upload the file back to the server with the 'edit' button"
Michael Young
RE: File Locking
19 settembre 2012 16.52

Michael Young


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We are planning to implement the locking functionality as well as some conflict resolution for update collisions. Look for it in one of our future iterations.