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Drew Blessing
Alloy instance not persisting
2 agosto 2012 8.53

Drew Blessing

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I'm trying to manipulate a dialog in Alloy that mimics the way it is done in the Tasks and Microblogs portlets. There is also a Gist that shows how to set up the JS file to start with -

So, I basically set that up in main.js and changed the namespace as appropriate. Then, in my JSP of my portlet I have a click listener. On click, I call "Liferay.MyPlugin.displayPopup('url','title');" Boom...the dialog displays. Yay!

However, then I do some processing in the dialog. On success, I call "Liferay.MyPlugin.closePopup();" However, it summons a new popup and closes that one. I then added a test function to the main.js file to see what was up. I simply had the function alert the value of "instance._popup." So, when I call "Liferay.MyPlugin.testFunction();" it alerts "undefined" in the browser. It appears that my instance object is not persisting. Any ideas on why I am not able to access the same instance object?

If you need specific code examples to see exactly what I'm doing, I will create Gists. Just ask. Thanks for your help