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Irek Zuchowski
Wordpress importer 1.2 fails on site content
14 giugno 2012 6.41

Irek Zuchowski

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Hi All,
I am trying to import wordpress content into liferay 6.1 using the wordpress importer plugin 1.2
It works fine on blogs , but fails on the page content - page is created in the structure however the content throws an exception:

If i edit the wordpress exported XML file and change
from <wp:post_type>page</wp:post_type>
to <wp:post_type>post</wp:post_type>
import is successfull.

Any ideas what might be the case? Please help
Allegati: SampleWordpressGeneratedXML.xml (2,1k), stacktrace.txt (16,4k)
Juan Fernández
RE: Wordpress importer 1.2 fails on site content
10 ottobre 2012 7.12

Juan Fernández


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Hi Irek:
I have opened an issue for this in the github issue tracker -
Did you manage to fix it?

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