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vasudha karri
how to view document uploaded by admin by another user
30 maggio 2012 2.58

vasudha karri

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HI all

1)I created a regular role and added document and media permissions(control pane:site) to that role and assigned that role to a user.
2)Now for document and media i gave permission to that role,
3)In document and media i created a folder
4)for that folder i gave permission to that role
5)Now i uploaded doucment in to that folder
6)logged in a user with that role and gone to document media->created folder

Issue is that user is unable to view the document.What is the problem? i did the same thing in enterprise edition .There i can able to view document.but in community edition i am unable to see the document
Any help really Appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
Dennis Ju
RE: how to view document uploaded by admin by another user
3 giugno 2012 22.55

Dennis Ju


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Couple questions to reproduce the issue:

1) Did you upload the document through the web UI or through Liferay Sync?
2) What permissions did you give to the role?