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Paulo Negrão
Can't find a few terms to translate
27 aprile 2012 11.40

Paulo Negrão

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I have downloaded the liferay social office 1.5 bundle with tomcat and since the translation pack for my language was not completed, I decided to work it on my own following the instructions on the wiki and searching a few threads about it. I've read that the portlets titles might not be easy to translate but saw that the threads are mostly old by now.

The terms I couldn't find the file to translate were: "Sites", "Add a site to get started.", "Contacts", "No contacts were found.", "Activities", "Tasks", "Assigned to Me", "I've Assigned", "Home", "Profile", "Mail", "Today's Events" and "Weather". I modified every term in the file inside the portal-impl.jar to check if the display changed or not.

I think that for "Weather" I would have to modify the portlet and a translation file for english and the language I wish to translate to, but not too sure about that.

Anyone knows how to get those translated as well?

Any help to handle this problem is appreciated.
Hitoshi Ozawa
RE: Can't find a few terms to translate
27 aprile 2012 17.03

Hitoshi Ozawa

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You're posting to a wrong forum. Social Office has it's own forum:

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