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Roy Brondgeest
Problem Using Liferay Roles
30 gennaio 2012 5.06

Roy Brondgeest

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Dear Readers,

We use the Liferay system only for its content management possibilities and for the fact that it comes packed with alot of features that make it easy to make a tailored system for all out customers quick and simple.

Using the journal templates and (only if it cannot be done with journal templates) KISS developped portlets that are very specifically only created for one customer.

We have a portal instance in liferay that we call the "main portal instance". For some new customer we create a community in this portal instance, with their own public pages. For others we create a new portal instance where this meets their requirements more ( they want to manage their own users etc. )

We give the users that have a communities page a Community Administrator role, but we dont want these users to see the custom made portlets of our other communities in their toolbar. Also for other portal instances we dont want these portlets to show up for administrators when they are not made for their websites.

All of this would require alot of configuration, and we have to update it everywhere when we want to add new portlets EVERY time. We cannot make a custom role, because we would have to add this custom role to every portal instance we create.

Is there a way to make this easier for us? Is this only possible by making a hook portlet with custom rights management??

Who can help me?
Hitoshi Ozawa
RE: Problem Using Liferay Roles
15 aprile 2012 0.35

Hitoshi Ozawa

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Can't you just set default roles in your custom portlets? I'm sorry if I missed the point of your comment.