Getting Started with Liferay 6.1. Learn a little more about our platform.
Liferay Portal is the market's leading open source portal for the enterprise. It is recognized as a leader in our space by Gartner's Magic Quadrant paper, and boasts a community of over 65,000 members around the world. Take a quick look through some of our introduction videos about the product used by the likes of Cisco, The United Nations, NASA, Sesame Street, and more!

Part 1: Getting Started with Liferay Portal

This is one of several short videos, hosted by Liferay's Community Manager, James Falkner, that introduce Liferay Portal's capabilities for a first time user. This segment runs you through the product after it is first downloaded and installed. It showcases the Dock Bar, the Control Panel, and the Liferay Marketplace with basic information about administration and configuration.

Part 2: Getting Started with Social Office

This second segment goes into more detail about SO, a full social collaboration suite available as a pluggable app in the Liferay Marketplace. James introduces the announcements, chat, wiki, forums, and dynamic content (sharing, storage, synching) features, one-by-one, demonstrating their seamless integration.

Part 3: Understand Your Audience with Social Analytics

James digs deeper into the collaboration scenario and demonstrates the social analytics capabilities in the Liferay platform. In particular, the video highlights Liferay's reporting capabilities, and the ease of creating and adding custom widgets to further surface user activity statistics and analytics. James also offers a quick overview of how to find more information about the Liferay platform and about building your own custom solutions by leveraging all the features shown (and more).

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