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The State of Liferay Community 2017: Results and Winner!

Company Blogs 18 décembre 2017 Par Zeno Rocha Staff

The Liferay ecosystem is richer than ever, and our community members have never been as global. Each one of us has different interests and with all this diversity, it gets hard to understand the people behind our community.

This is where this survey comes in: we asked 28 questions, covering topics going from favorite projects all the way to events and user groups. In total we had 393 participants, which is truly amazing! Now, we're excited to share the results and feedback. Feel free to jump to a specific section below.





"I'm a Liferay developer during almost 10 years and I really like the work you are doing. Please keep supporting the community and open source!"




"Liferay has been and will be part of my work life, DXP is a game changer. "




"I would like to contribute more, but not sure how to get started."




"The most important thing of a conference is the presence of the whole Liferay community and core engineers."


User Groups


"Small groups are highly appreciated with one on one interactions."


Prize Winner

In order to be as transparent as possible, we randomily selected a participant using code and recorded everything for you. Here it is!

Congratulations Shiv Darshan! You just got a $50 Amazon gift card and Star Wars™ LEGO set


Each one of these charts shows an opportunity for us to improve and make things better. Here are some of the primary takeaways:

  • Community members usually discover Liferay from an employer.
  • Most people have been using Liferay technologies for many years.
  • Documentation, blogs, and forums are extremely valuable information sources.
  • The number of women participating in the community is still very low.
  • Workshops, live demos, and road-map talks are very important to conferences.
  • User groups are still not very active and present in local communities.

Thank you everyone who took the time to participate. We will make sure to address all your incredibly valuable feedback and next year we will be back!

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