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Announcement: Social Office 3.1 Community Edition released

Company Blogs 6 mars 2015 Par Vicki Lea Tsang

Thanks to our community members, who identifed issues with installing Social Office 3.0 CE on the latest release of Liferay Portal CE, we have released an updated version of Social Office CE, which became available over Marketplace earlier today.

Social Office 3.1 CE addresses the version mismatch and contains a variety of improvements (see release notes in the Recent Changes section of the Marketplace page). For those already using SO 3.0 CE, you will have the option to upgrade through the Marketplace page in your Control Panel.

We hope that you enjoy the latest release. Issues and feedback can be reported to the Social Office project in JIRA or our community forums.

Announcement: Social Office 3.1 Enterprise Edition Released

Company Blogs 11 septembre 2014 Par Vicki Lea Tsang

Our most recent update to Social Office EE for Liferay Portal 6.2 was uploaded to Liferay Marketplace today.

Social Office 3.1 EE provides several improvements over version 3.0 EE, released earlier in the year. You can view the changelog here to get a complete list of fixes and enhancements, but here’s a few of my favorite:


Improved Dockbar Notifications:


3.0 introduced the new, extensible notifications framework, allowing developers to add their own notifications. In 3.1 we’ve added several more options out of the box, so that you can configure and receive dockbar notifications for many of the assets you subscribe to (blogs, wikis, web content, etc). Additionally we’ve separated out Requests (actionable notifications) from Passive Notifications. This means you can quickly dismiss Passive Notifications in bulk while still retaining access to Requests from the drop-down until you chose to action them. Here’s what that looks like:





More control over Site Creation:


As part of our efforts to simplify administration for Social Office, we expanded our Social Office Configurations to include options for restricting site creation through the dockbar. Currently, by default, all Social Office users can create sites. Now we’ve provided an easy way to  remove this permission from the Configurations menu, allowing admin to halt the creation of sites temporarily, or delegate the permission to create sites to a subset of users. Additionally, we have provided configurations to restrict the site options available for creation through the dockbar. Here’s another picture to help explain:



Mobile Responsive Theme


We’ve continued to work on optimizing the Social Office experience on small devices. I’ve been playing around with it on my phone for a few days and its just looks great!



We’re already lining up the improvements we’d like to make for our next version so please upgrade or try our Enterprise Edition trial here and give us your feedback, so we can continue building the things you need.




Announcement: Sync Desktop 1.2 Released for Liferay Portal 6.2

Company Blogs 3 mars 2014 Par Vicki Lea Tsang

Today we have released Sync Desktop 1.2 for Mac, Windows and Linux (Beta), providing users easy access to their Liferay Portal 6.2 document repositories right from their desktops. Downloads for both desktop and mobile devices (iOS and Android) can be accessed from here.


Sync is an ideal companion to Liferay Portal and Social Office, allowing users to link to their sites and upload and work on documents across multiple devices. Check it out today and see how it can help increase collaboration within your organization!


Announcement: Social Office 3.0 CE & EE Released for Portal 6.2

Company Blogs 11 février 2014 Par Vicki Lea Tsang

For the past few weeks, the Social Office team have been working very hard to bring you a version of Social Office compatible with 6.2. I’m very happy to announce that it is now available for download over Marketplace for both CE & EE.


Social Office can now leverage all the great new features provided by Liferay 6.2, including the upgrade to AlloyUI 2.0, the revamped Calendar and Document Library and a new, extensible Notifications portlet.


Additionally we have updated the theme to provide an alternative look and feel for Sites, including the Users Dashboard and Profile pages. Here’s a couple of screenshots to give you a better idea of what to expect:




We hope you enjoy the product and, as always, please refer any issues to the Social Office project in JIRA or check out our community forums.

Announcement: Social Office 2.1 EE Released

Company Blogs 11 octobre 2013 Par Vicki Lea Tsang


We are pleased to announce the release of Social Office 2.1 EE on Marketplace.


Since our first release of SO 2.0 last year, we have been steadily working towards refining the features to provide a more useful and engaging experience with the product. We hope you like the result!


Notable features:


Interactive Activity feed - Respond to microblogs, comment on documents and blogs, and easily see what others are discussing, right from the Activity feed.

Social Office Announcements - Important announcements can now be viewed directly from the Dashboard. Announcements on sites now default to site scoped Announcements, to provide better context.

User Bar - Easily navigate to your Social Office sites and personal pages from anywhere within the portal.


Here's a screenshot of the improvements in action:


Social Office Community Edition GA2 released.

Company Blogs 14 mars 2013 Par Vicki Lea Tsang

We have been hard at work here at Liferay and are happy to announce the release of a second community edition of Social Office.

Social Office 2.0.4 CE GA2 contains a variety of bug fixes (see release notes) and is now available for download from Liferay's Marketplace here. For those already using SO CE GA1, you will have the option to upgrade through the Marketplace page in your portal Control Panel.
Thanks for your input on our previous release. I hope you will continue to help us build and refine Social Office by submitting your suggestions and bug reports on our Social Office Jira project at
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