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Liferay Community Ideas (Beta)

Company Blogs 12 mars 2013 Par James Falkner

The Liferay open source project relies on its community for many of the evolutionary and revolutionary ideas for features that eventually find their way into a release. Liferay strongly believes in empowering the community not only to be able to create change through feature requests but also to feel responsible for socializing, communicating, recommending, and even implementing their own and others' ideas.
Today we are opening up a new community process centered around the concept of Ideation. This process brings a new emphasis on teasing out and promoting the best ideas from the community, for the community. It gives all of us new and easy ways to submit, understand, and promote ideas within the community. The most sought-after feature ideas will float to the top, from which anyone can choose the best, and implement!
This is for the YOU. While Liferay staff, partners, customers, and ISVs are all a part of our community, this process is going to be very organic. Our community is the key to its success, generating and implementing innovative ideas, pointing out the duplicates, providing important cross-ticket references, and helping to promote Feature Requests that they wish to see completed. Liferay is a BIG project and we know that there are many different perspectives in our community as to what features are most important but we also have a large number of capable developers in our community that can contribute these features (to either the core platform or as a Marketplace App). 
Along with this process, we have implemented a new Liferay Community Ideas Dashboard, on which you can see feature requests as they flow through the community, and can comment/vote/promote your favorites. This dashboard brings some needed visibility and simplification to JIRA for working with Feature Requests. You can read more about the concepts, workflow, and the dashboard on the Feature Request wiki page.
As a corporate sponsor of the Liferay project, Liferay Inc. will also pick up Feature Requests to be implemented by Liferay staff, but this is not always going to happen!  All community members are encouraged to consider implementing and contributing the ideas most important to them. Liferay Inc. can probably get to .1%-1% of the amazing ideas coming out of the community, so if a feature is super-important to you, get as many people talking about it as you can, and let the community decide whether it gets implemented, or break out your IDE and take a crack at it!
There are a few important changes as a result of this which are detailed below:
  • Though most of the process changes (e.g. JIRA workflows, etc) are complete, it's still a Beta (or Beta++) as there are some remaining items to do, like localization of the dashboard, and we want your feedback on the feature request process sooner rather than later.
  • This process continues to use our JIRA system at The New Feature and Improvement ticket types have been consolidated into a single ticket type of Feature Request.  The dashboard pulls data from JIRA for display.
  • The process for contributing to Liferay remains the same: Submit your patches and git pull requests against the appropriate Feature Request ticket by clicking the "Contribute Solution" button.
  • Creating new Feature Requests is now simplified, and the form only requires a summary, description, and component with which the request is associated. No more weird fields with funny names.
  • Feature Requests remain Open until they are implemented, either in the core Liferay platform or as a Marketplace App, at which time they'll be Closed with one of 4 possibilities.
  • The Proposals Wiki will be deprecated as part of this process, but the Suggestions and Feature Requests forum will remain for additional discussion avenues related to Feature Requests. Authors who have entered ideas into either of these will be encouraged to "port" their ideas over to the new Ideation process, using a Feature Request JIRA ticket.

What's Next?

Go to the Liferay Community Ideas dashboard (or peruse the entire list), and read over a few of the ideas generated by the community. Vote on a few that you like, and click the social icons     next to the feature to generate some social buzz. If you have an idea of your own related to a potential Liferay feature, click  next to the appropriate area and let the community know what you're thinking! This system relies on the community's willingness to share ideas and promote others, so get started!
Réponses Auteur Données
Great feature!! :-) But I found a problem in... Andrea Di Giorgi 13 mars 2013 02:15
Ugh.. I'll fix it as soon as I find a way to... James Falkner 13 mars 2013 07:31
BTW, this should be fixed for IE10 - by not... James Falkner 29 mai 2013 13:36
Great job James (and Cynthia, who also worked... Jorge Ferrer 14 mars 2013 04:40

Great feature!! :-)
But I found a problem in IE10 "Metro" version: when I click on an idea, the dialog titlebar opens out of view, so I can't close it. Don't know if it's a bug of A.Dialog or the iframe plugin, I'll do some tests in a portlet...
Publié le 13/03/13 02:15.
Ugh.. I'll fix it as soon as I find a way to test IE10 Metro emoticon
Publié le 13/03/13 07:31 en réponse à Andrea Di Giorgi.
Great job James (and Cynthia, who also worked so much to make this possible).

I've already started twitting and voting on feature requests I like myself emoticon
Publié le 14/03/13 04:40.
BTW, this should be fixed for IE10 - by not using popups emoticon
Publié le 29/05/13 13:36 en réponse à Andrea Di Giorgi.