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A Day of Liferay - That's a Wrap!

General Blogs 12 avril 2013 Par James Falkner Web Team SingingEarlier this week we wrapped up A Day of Liferay - a 24 hour epic  trip around the globe to meet our amazing community and get to know more about their interests and work they do on and around Liferay and other open source projects. I want to personally thank everyone who took time out of their day to participate - it was great to see the diversity of people we have in our little corner of open source, and hear about what they're up to! I had a lot of fun doing it, and learned a lot, and hope you did to!

On the A Day of Liferay page, I have added a complete index of links for each of the significant parts of the broadcast (or you can spend the next 24 hours watching the broadcast in its entirety :) ).

Also, for those that won stuff (shirts, pi's, etc). Rest assured you will be notified next week to arrange for you to recieve your hard-earned prizes! Now, where's my 10 million-gram mega-sugary Cachaça

Réponses Auteur Données
James! Thank you for so great idea and great... Alexey Kakunin 12 avril 2013 13:11
Thanks a lot for sharing Nagendra Kumar Busam 15 avril 2013 08:35
Awesome event, completely loved it. Thanks for... Jay Patel 15 avril 2013 09:00
Thanks all. It was really fun! I learned as... James Falkner 16 avril 2013 14:10

James! Thank you for so great idea and great event!
Publié le 12/04/13 13:11.
Publié le 15/04/13 08:35.
Awesome event, completely loved it. Thanks for this unique initiative James. I know you must have been exhausted on that day. Wish I had more active participation this time.
Publié le 15/04/13 09:00.
Thanks all. It was really fun! I learned as much as anyone else. Hoping that we can do it again in the (maybe not-so-near future emoticon ).
Publié le 16/04/13 14:10 en réponse à Jay Patel.