CMIS content viewer

A usual situation in many-content (web and media) systems is the combination of a portal (such as Liferay Portal) and a CMIS 1.0 container such as Alfresco repository. That architectural aproximation consists on one hand, of a java portal as CMS presentation tier, and on the other, a ECM repository as its CMIS backend. Our requirement is to render CMIS objects via Liferay portlet delegating the workflow publication and the definition of the corresponding types and metadata for blog, events, web documents and media assets in Alfresco repository. So the general purpose of this portlet, is to be a content viewer portlet of CMIS objects from an external repository.

We developed a portlet that can execute a configurable groovy script for rendering CMIS objects. Groovy is a dynamic programming language (like python, ruby or perl) that is used as a scripting language within the java plattform.

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