BugSquad - Liferay Portal 6.2 CE Milestone 3 Testing

Introduction #

Liferay has released the third milestone build of the next version of Liferay. This milestone comes a few weeks after Milestones 1 and 2 and includes most if not all of the bug fixes based on the feedback from the bug squad as well as many several new features.

Features #

These are some of the new features included in Milestone 3 that you may be interested in testing. As of Milestone 3, Liferay is using a JIRA Structure to visualize new features ("Stories") in each Milestone. You can see the Milestone 3 Stories, or visit the overview of Stories for all Milestones.

Calendar features #

  • LPS-30932 - When you have other calendars under "My Calendars", combining the available actions into the drop down menu when you click My Calendars would reduce unnecessary steps and increase usability.
  • LPS-27478 - Calendar Agenda View
  • LPS-30946 - In the Week view, when you drag/drop an All Day Event, the event box will resize (widthwise) instead of retaining its original size. This can make it difficult to drag the event to a day at either end (ie Sunday or Saturday).

Site Features #

  • LPS-29662 - When a user sends a membership request for a site whose membership type is restricted, an email is sent to all members with the roles "Site Owner" or "Site Administrator". The system should be capable to detect which roles have "Assign Members" permission and send an email to all users with that role.

New Integrations #

  • LPS-29613 - The goal of this requirement is to allow for out of the box support for an additional realtime analytics software: Piwik. Piwik is Open Source and it can be used in all installations in which for security reasons, using an external statistics collector such as Google Analytics is not possible.

Bugs Fixed #

You can view the list of bugs fixed since Milestone 2 here.

Known issues and limitations #

This milestone is happening in the middle of big changes within web content management. Instead of keeping its own UI to author structures and templates, going forward Web Content will be leveraging the newer editors implemented for Dynamic Data Lists (they are actually implemented in a reusable component called DDM). Because these changes are not fully finished you should note the following known issues:

  • Translation of web content is not working in M3.
  • Using structures with nested elements has issues; don't try that out yet.
  • Some fields types may not be working properly.
  • Upgrade from previous versions of Liferay is not working yet. Structures and templates will not be ported to the new db storage
  • Staging of web contents is not working yet: pending the import/export process.
  • Upon initial startup, you might get an error in the log:
    No DDMStructure exists with the key {groupId=10190, structureKey=WELCOME-CONTENT-STRUCTURE} 
    This is a result of LPS-31923 and can be ignored.

How to report bugs and suggestions #

We are going to use an slightly different process this time to make the communication fully open.

The developers working on 6.2 will be monitoring the reported bugs and suggestions to provide timely answers.

Downloads #

To obtain the M3 build, download one or more bundles:

Where are the plugins? #

Any plugins that should be tested with the milestone (if any) are included in the bundles by default, but are not built separately.

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