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Eric Soucy
portlet maven archetype
12 février 2014 08:00

Eric Soucy

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at this moment, the latest prime faces portlet archetype available seems to be :
It uses primefaces 3.5

Will there be an update to this archetype in alignment with the soon to be released Liferay-faces 3.2.4-ga5 project and also using primefaces 4.0?
Is there a version of this updated archetype already available somewhere ? (other than ?

Or can I use the demo primefaces4-portlet from Liferay-faces 3.2.4-ga5 as a model to build my own archetype ?

Thank you
Neil Griffin
RE: portlet maven archetype
12 février 2014 08:28

Neil Griffin


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Hi Eric,

Currently the Liferay Portal 6.2 CE GA1 artifacts are not in Maven Central. Instead they can be found at

We have a PrimeFaces Portlet Archetype that is setup to use Liferay Faces 3.2.4-ga5 (which we are working on releasing at this time). The archetype uses PrimeFaces 3 because PrimeFaces 4 wasn't available at the time we setup the archetype.

So I would recommend that you use the PrimeFaces Portlet Archetype but simply change the <version> of PrimeFaces to 4.0 in the generated pom.xml descriptor.

Kind Regards,