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Sharad Sinha
SSO with Third Party Application
3 décembre 2013 05:09

Sharad Sinha

Rang: Junior Member

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Date d'inscription: 7 mars 2013

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I am using liferay-portal-6.1.1-ce-ga2.

I have some CAS Authentication issue. I followed these steps:

Step 1 : Enable CAS in liferay

Step 2: Enable CAS in third party Application

Step 3: Integrate third party application in liferay using I frame. In Iframe, i am just giving third party application url.

Expectation: After logging in liferay through CAS, that third party application (or iframe) should not ask login again.

Result: When user is logging in in liferay, IFRAME is asking for login.

So, am i missing any point or should i create any hook to maintain cas authentication and generated token between liferay and related cas applications?

Liferay provide any facility to maintain cas authentication between integrated application?

Any Help would be appreciated....

Sharad Sinha
Bartłomiej Knabel
RE: SSO with Third Party Application
3 décembre 2013 07:20

Bartłomiej Knabel

Rang: New Member

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Date d'inscription: 23 septembre 2013

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I think, that the problem is that Your third party application is not fully integrated with CAS.

As I understand, You have just Liferay configured to use CAS, so You are accessing liferay via CAS Apache Server (it adds header to HTTP request and Liferay process this header).

Perhabs You need to configure Your third party app to use CAS proxy too.

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