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Configuring hierarchy user permissions
4 novembre 2013 06:37


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Hi All,

I have one requirement like need to check the user permissions hierarchy level means suppose Consider in IT -job positions are Trainee ,Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead, Project Manager. Suppose if the team lead is having one permission to see some link ..his up level Project manager can also see that. Suppose we given access to see one link for trainee user --his remaining upper level users also can see that link.

And I need to configure this in liferay means in future we are removing permission of team lead..the agent hierarchy chain will break that..and only project manager can access that link. How can we achieve this.. Please help me if you have any idea on this.

please find my user positions hierarchy here..

1. Trainee
2.Software engineer
3. Senior software engineer
4.Team Lead
5.Project manager

Thanks in advance..
David H Nebinger
RE: Configuring hierarchy user permissions
4 novembre 2013 14:44

David H Nebinger

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I think you should approach this using teams. Trainee team has minimal roles/permissions, while PM has all that are necessary. You can assign a user to multiple teams, thus giving them the permissions they need and nothing more.