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Daniel Sanz
Leaders, please take a look to the "Numbers" quality check
23 octobre 2013 07:35

Daniel Sanz


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Hi translation leaders,

some time ago, there were some changes in a few keys. They had the form:

activity-bookmarks-add-entry-in={1} added a new bookmark entry, {3}, in {0}.

and they turned into:

activity-bookmarks-add-entry-in={1} added a new bookmark entry, {2}, in {0}.

To fix this, you could search either in the Language_*.properties file or in pootle, but this is a hard and error-prone task.

Here is where quality checks come into scene to help translators. There are one of them that recalled my attention: the Numbers

That quality control just allows to find what we are looking for, plus some other additional controls.

To finish, just 2 reminders:
  • All those checks are available through the "Review" tab, visible by translation leaders.
  • Each link in that tab takes you to a collection of keys (such as this one). It's pretty easy to loose that navigation if we click in the wrong place. To complete navigation throuth the collection, please make sure you either use the Previous/Next buttons under the key or the "Submit" button (useful if you change something during the review)

Hope that this is useful for you guys.


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