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Jay Cliton
Liferay How to add icons to top navigation bar?
9 octobre 2013 08:12

Jay Cliton

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Date d'inscription: 3 octobre 2013

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i am trying to insert on my top navigation bar icon to go with text but i am not being able to do this. Used Custom fields but nothing works.

Thanks in advanced emoticon
Rajeeva Lochana .B.R
RE: Liferay How to add icons to top navigation bar?
5 novembre 2013 03:56

Rajeeva Lochana .B.R

Rang: Junior Member

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Date d'inscription: 4 janvier 2010

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Hi Jay,

To insert icon/image in Navigation menu/bar follow the below steps.

1. Click Manage --> Page
2. Select the page that you want to upload image/icon.
3. Click Advanced link from right hand side column.
4. upload the image from Icon(This icon will be shown in the navigation menu).
5. Click save button.