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Gianluigi Ruggeri
Liferay and user password during the export into OpenLDAP
7 octobre 2013 10:22

Gianluigi Ruggeri

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Date d'inscription: 15 mai 2013

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I have a question about Liferay.

I have configuate my system with Liferay + Jasig CAS Authentication and OpenLDAP. I can authenticate my user correctly and I can import user account from LDAP (Ldap import).

I have also configurate the user export to, now I can export an account when this will be create. Infact I can see this new account in my OpenLDAP server.

When Liferay create a new account it generate a random password for this new account (for example 4hdsdsh) and the user receive an e-mail after the registration.

The problem is: I my OpenLDAP server this password does not seem to be equal to the one just generated by Liferay.. So, the new user will never be able to authenticate into my Liferay (because I use CAS + LDAP).

I also found a funny/strange thing: If I modify this new password in Liferay (using an administrator account) I see this password correctly into my OpenLDAP server and so, the user can finally log into my Liferay..

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