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Steel Toe Boots
Easy Solution When Buttons Are Not Working (liferay 6.1)
3 octobre 2013 16:26

Steel Toe Boots

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If you're having the commonly occurring problem where buttons are not working for some of the Liferay 6.1 modules, then try this easy solution.

1. Go to control panel>>>Server>>>Portal Instances

2. Click on Virtual Host

3. In the Virtual Host dialogue box, type in the domain name.

For instance, if your website is
Then type into the box.

4. Click the save button.

5. Leave the control panel and go to a general portal page with some of the modules/portlets that are causing you trouble. For instance, try to start a new thread in the message board or add an event in the calendar. This should work. If not, then double check the domain name that you entered.

No guarantees that this will work for you. Worked for me since I had "localhost" in there instead of my domain name.

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