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Rasto Rehak
Pootle problems
2 octobre 2013 10:48

Rasto Rehak

Rang: Junior Member

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Date d'inscription: 8 mars 2007

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there is a last bunch of new keys for 6.2 however there is a problem with Pootle again.
Module Liferay Portal has 7341 strings however file Language_sk ( and also Language_es ) indicates only 7338 strings. The trick with changing rows in setup doesn't help.
The same problem is in module Social Office Announcements Portlet.
Daniel Sanz
RE: Pootle problems
23 octobre 2013 07:21

Daniel Sanz


Rang: Regular Member

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Date d'inscription: 14 décembre 2010

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Hi Rasto,

sometimes Pootle does not update statistics in real time. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature.

Currently, contains the same number of keys (7354) than other languages.


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