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Christian Perez
Remember password
12 septembre 2013 12:50

Christian Perez

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Date d'inscription: 30 juin 2013

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I have a form with some imputs, user, pass, etc, and I need to remember this fields, is there any way or function in Liferay to do this the easy way
help me please I'm using LR 6.1 and I want to mark a checkbox and remember this fiels..
Sandeep Nair
RE: Remember password
12 septembre 2013 22:13

Sandeep Nair

Rang: Liferay Legend

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Just a pointer. Liferay has "Remember me" feature, if you see the login portlet, it has a checkbox to remember a user. What they are basically doing is if user selects Remember me while login, Liferay sets certain fields in Cookie. Then using AutoLogin feature(check, they retrieve the values from the cookie and log in the user.