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Daniel Nordhoff-Vergien
Portlet name and version conventions
12 septembre 2013 06:42

Daniel Nordhoff-Vergien

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Date d'inscription: 17 mars 2013

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I'm developing a portlet for liferay 6.1.1 using maven. I've got some questions to nameing and versioning:

Nameing: maven creates a ware named my-protlet-0.1.war. If I deploy version 0.2 in an liferay enviroment where 0.1 exists, it does not update it duplicates just the portlet. Is there a way to tell liferay to update or do I have to create a war without version information in the name?

Versioning: I would like the "maven version" to show up in the update manager. If tried to put it in module-incremental-version in but it did not help. It shows my 6.1.1 as a version which is just my liferay version. So where to put the version information?



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