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Timo Kurowski
Hiding portlets from users
12 septembre 2013 03:06

Timo Kurowski

Rang: Regular Member

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Date d'inscription: 24 juin 2013

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Ive read a lot about this in google and the forums, but none of it really helped me.

I need to hide my portlet from users instead of getting them the "You do not have the roles required to access this portlet." message.

I tried to add in the ""

But it didn't change anything.

Can someone help?
Pankaj Kathiriya
RE: Hiding portlets from users
12 septembre 2013 04:37

Pankaj Kathiriya

Rang: Liferay Master

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Date d'inscription: 4 août 2010

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Use show-portlet-access-denied with value false in liferay-portlet.xml

Pankaj K