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subhash lamba
Expando (Custom Filed Value) in JSON web services
12 septembre 2013 02:38

subhash lamba

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I add on Expando filed from controller panel in documents and media.
it working wel but the problem is that when i return that object in JSON web service that time expando fileds not avaliable in JSON responce.
How can i achive this?

public DLFileEntry addSharedDLFileEntry(long userId,long dlFileId) throws SystemException, PortalException
DLFileEntry dlFileEntry=DLFileEntryLocalServiceUtil.getDLFileEntry(dlFileId);

String customfiled= (String) dlFileEntry.getFileVersion().getExpandoBridge().getAttribute("Shared");
System.out.print("This is customer fileds "+customfiled);

return dlFileEntry;
Kan Zhang
RE: Expando (Custom Filed Value) in JSON web services
13 septembre 2013 14:58

Kan Zhang

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You may want to change the permission on the expando attribute to make it viewable by guest.