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venka reddy
Entry adds twice when page Reload/Refresh
6 septembre 2013 14:39

venka reddy

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When i submit the form and refersh the page , again those entries inserts in the DB.

I have searched in forum to find solution , it says there are 2 ways.

1. Add <action-url-redirect> true </action-url-redirect> in liferay-portlet.xml

2. Use sendRedirect

But it says first is not recommended, prefer second way.

So why first way is not recommended ?
Tanweer .
RE: Entry adds twice when page Reload/Refresh
7 septembre 2013 13:58

Tanweer .

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Hi Venka,

I have been using the first method for a quite sometime now and never faced any problem with it.

Can you please post the link which says this is not the recommended method.


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