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Chethan Barike
How to give page permission based on User Location
5 septembre 2013 09:09

Chethan Barike

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Hi Liferay,

Is there any options to assign page permission based on user's location. (bit similar like Displaying site pages to mobile devices refer: here)

Note: Page permission should consider both user role as well as user location. That is (userRole AND userLocation) condition.

For knowing the location for the user, i'll do separate service call when user logs in.
Finally how to configure access to particular page, based on location and role.

That is for example:

I have 2 users with same role (Say Sales Manager):
userA from region A.
userB from region B.

Now I'll create 2 Liferay pages Lets say:
Page1 and Page2.

Page1, Page2 view permission should be assigned to Sales Manager Role.

Finally I need to achieve.
userA can access Page1, Page2
userB can access only Page1.

After some months of time i'll enable Page2 for userB.

Please help me out to achieve this in Liferay 6.1 GA2.

Jk Tipan
RE: How to give page permission based on User Location
5 septembre 2013 10:01

Jk Tipan

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Date d'inscription: 4 septembre 2013

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First you must create users, one like admin and other like guest....

To enter at pages for the users(a,b) menu manage and choose the page....this will be page1... in the lower part there are 3 select the user admin and mark view..and save thhis process repeat for page 2...

Now you must select again page1 and select the guest view and save

Vilmos Papp
RE: How to give page permission based on User Location
2 octobre 2013 06:53

Vilmos Papp


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How about using organizations? That should be a good solution for you. Read this wiki page:

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