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Pawan Kumar
Document Libray Liferay database Table not show Uploaded File Extension
8 août 2013 02:52

Pawan Kumar

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Date d'inscription: 5 août 2013

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HI Liferay Forum Guys !
Today I have try to uploaded files through the liferay Documents and Media portlet using change in portal properties.

File uploaded successfully and uploaded files data hs store successfully in liferay database table (DLCONTENT). Here I am seeing that when I have upload the image files(.gif,.png,.jpeg) path is showing with extension in database DLCONTENT table under PATH_ column, but apat from the image files not showing extension in path path only show the ID.

Can you please help me how will uploaded file extension will added in database table, so thhat when I raed and save the data with file extension.
Find attached the doc for your further reference.

Thanks and Regards !
Pawan Kumar
Pièces jointes: Documents and Media Library Table.docx (135,6k)

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