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Milen Dyankov
Abstract entities in service builder
1 août 2013 04:33

Milen Dyankov


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HI everyone,

in this post Paul Gloessl is asking about possibility to hook into ServiceBuilder's class hierarchy. While this is not possible at the moment I was wondering is this something we can consider implementing in the future.
From developer's perspective I think it would make sense to have an option to provide a common logic for several entities. Anyone else feels it's a good to have feature?
On the other side given the current class hierarchy it seems if would be a challenge. What do you think?
David H Nebinger
RE: Abstract entities in service builder
1 août 2013 05:21

David H Nebinger

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Honestly I'd rather see official support for non-db entities. I care about those a lot more than having my "created by" columns replicated in each entity definition...