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Amy Armitage
Highly Available Cluster with Jelastic
6 juin 2013 18:47

Amy Armitage

Rang: New Member

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Date d'inscription: 6 juin 2013

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Hi everyone emoticon

I hope this is the correct forum to post to. I'm new here and I work for Jelastic - a Platform as a Service that supports PHP and Java apps. We published a post today on how to create a highly available cluster for Liferay in the cloud with Jelastic.

It can be viewed here. We would love to hear your feedback/comments for future articles we are writing about Liferay.

Ben Brown
RE: Highly Available Cluster with Jelastic
13 septembre 2013 05:37

Ben Brown

Rang: Junior Member

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Date d'inscription: 7 juillet 2010

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We're just moving our Liferay EE over to Jelastic...

Any chance of a tutorial for Liferay on Glassfish?



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