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Venkata G
Dockbar help
13 septembre 2012 14:18

Venkata G

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I have implemented "add application" link using the script given in below link

I able to see the "Add application" window, but the look and feel of this window is completely different than the default Liferay dockbar window.(when you went thru the Dockbar -> Add -> More). Attached the screenshots for both.

Now, I need to display "Add application" window with same look & feel of the Liferay dockbar window. Can you guys help me on how to implement this.

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David H Nebinger
RE: Dockbar help
13 septembre 2012 15:13

David H Nebinger

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If I had to guess, I would say there are rules in CSS that apply because of tag/id/class values for the container from the dockbar that you do not mimic in your own implementation.

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